Virtuous circles

Not a lot of people talk about virtue these days. The word and concept has gone out of fashion. For the record virtuous is the opposite of vicious. Think circles. Think vicious circles and now think virtuous circles. Everything you do to make yourself more grounded, peaceful and fulfilled is part of your virtuous circle. Identify the points on your circle, celebrate them, make some more and then see the results.

I’ve been scoping my virtuous circle – yoga (celebrating and connecting my body and mind), eating healthy and whole (think good nutrition that fuels your body and mind), time for me (because I really am worth it), doing things for charity (giving spreads benefits and feel good factors), self-belief (my ideas, views, morals and aspirations carry value, they define me) and walking (reflection – or discussion if you are walking with friends – helps me sort problems and expand ideas and ideologies). The circle produces a more fulfilled me and a better citizen.


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