I live in UK and our world turned topsy turvey last week. A referendum about staying or leaving the EU resulted in the unthinkable; we voted out. To turn our backs on our European friends after 40 years of EU membership resulted in panic in the stockmarket, in the banks, among politicians of all persuasions, among the electorate. The Prime Minister resigned, the opposition leader’s future is under threat and everyone is walking around as if the bomb has dropped. In some ways it has and the dust has yet to settle.

Politicitians on both sides used fear to present their arguments and now fear and panic are ruling what happens in the aftermath.

Fear is like a plague.  It is contagious, it spreads and while it purges, it does so with dark consequences. 

Meanwhile like millions of others, everyday I get up and work with colleagues, laugh with them, trust them and share with them. On a human scale of one-to-one and small groups fear does not work well. It only holds real power on a grand scale where the rabble mentality can be manipulated. Or in the mind of a single person, where in the dark silence of the night it takes hold. But fear spoken between a few people is frequently rationalised and dispelled.

Don’t listen to fear. Be vigilant, so you reconise its voice. When fear starts to occupy your mind, share your fears for what they are.When someone tries to sell you their fears; don’t buy.



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