Calming the troubled mind

I’ve been waking up in the night. My mind turning over tasks and deadlines; the troubles amplified by my half wakened state.

Here are my recommendations to calm the troubled mind

1. If awakened at night. Make yourself wake up fully. Get up and make a cup of herbal tea or fetch a fresh glass of water. Be aware of the quiet of the night and its sounds. The hollow silence of night. Be in the moment. Then return to bed and sleep.

2. Think of the worst thing that could happen, imagine your way through that scenario. You can cope. It isn’t that bad. It is? Seek help.

3. Imagine you never achieve the task that is troubling you. Imagine how it would feel if the task disappears. Live in your mind the weightlessness. Then realise doing the task, living through it, will deliver the same outcome.