Day-to-day happiness


May has been a busy month and I suddenly realised while planting new lavenders in the garden that I needed to write my second blogpost for this month. But what to write? What aspect of my midlife might be of interest? Inspiration was at an all time low.

So as I’ve been worndown by work and minor obstacles this month, I decided to share with you my five favourite ways to relax. I am not sure whether being a midlifer has changed the list from previous decades but maybe I want to treat myself more these days. If not now, when? What am I waiting for? Here we go….

1. Lying in a bath with a good magazine and a scented candle. My favourite is diptyque

2. Filling vases with cut flowers bought by me, given in love or picked from the garden. What could be more uplifting than bringing the colour and smell of nature into your home

3. Lying on my bed reading in the afternoon sun with the Welsh hills in the distance

4. Playing with my cats throwing catnip stuffed fabric mice up the stairs

5. Gardening – the process of gentling controling, shaping and celebrating nature.


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